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Spring 2017 Henley

As a kid growing up, we weren't exposed to a wide variety of soccer jerseys. There was basically one style for which we wore every season. Colors were swapped out in exchange for a new look, but the actual jerseys never really altered much from year to year.

At some point in my childhood, access to European soccer became a thing. It was mostly games from England, and it was like seeing soccer in an entirely different way than I had ever seen it. The fields seemed greener. The fans were loud and chanted. The players had...

Terrace Club Member - Mark Yesilevskiy


Mark Yesilevskiy is an illustrator and graphic designer that has taken his love for the sport and created his own brand of soccer inspired illustrations. In addition to his talents as a designer, he has a great love of Bolton Wanderers, and self describes himself as Buffalo's only Bolton fan. 

He even took his talents and applied them to the Holiday '16 crew and blessed us with this amazing illustration! Many thanks for that one, Mark. 

We sat down with Mark to hear about more about his love of the...

A new way to wear your Terrace Club Co. raglan?

A new way to wear your Terrace Club Co. raglan?

Here at the Terrace Club Co., we're always looking for new ways to wear/show off the items in our quarterly boxes. Whether it's putting that iconic Denim Kit pin on your hat or mixing the crewneck sweatshirt with a button-down, the possibilities remain endless.

We encourage you, our members, to show us all the ways you're rocking the gear in the boxes via social media...and this week, our friend Erik Valdez did just that.

Check it out:

Valdez posted this on his Instagram page (original found here) and displayed...

Terrace Club Introduction Pack, $50

Terrace Club Introduction Pack

Give the gift of introducing a friend to The Terrace Club! 

With this purchase, you can introduce a friend to the Terrace Club with a Terrace Club x Hummel Jacket and a signature Bumpy Pitch scarf for just $50!*

Order by December 20th, choose a size, and we'll get this gift to arrive by December 24th, in the United States.

* Please note, the track jacket is...

5 reasons why The Terrace Club Co. makes a great holiday gift

I don't want to toot our own horn or anything, but The Terrace Club Co. is pretty dang cool.

We're extremely proud of the products we've created for you, our members, and hope that this continues to grow into something very special. With the holiday season upon us, we're re-opening sales on our latest creation, the Holiday '16 box as well as a few other discounts in the member store and wanted to take a moment to discuss the immense gifting potential of the TCC.

So without further adieu,...