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Inspiration for one of the pieces on our Spring '17 box...

Terrace Club Henley

We get questions about some of our products and what the relationship is to soccer. Some of the things we produce are easy to tie to the sport, while others are a bit more subtle. But everything that we do is inspired by the sport.

Take the Spring '17 Henley. It's a beautiful shirt manufactured with the nicest fabric you can imagine. This is a shirt you will want to wear everyday - and we hope that you do!

At it's core, this Henley is inspired by soccer jerseys. We posted recently about some of the...

Lapel Pin "Essentials" Series Part 3

Starting with the Autumn '16 box we have included a lapel pin that speaks directly to a certain element of the sport and how that item has inspired us.

The first pin that featured in the Autumn '16 box was the soleplate of one of our favorite soccer cleats of all time. When we were kids, aspired to wear this boot, which at the time represented the pinnacle of the sport. In our opinion, this is one of the greatest and most influential soccer cleats of all time.

Our Holiday '16 box featured a pin that was...

Terrace Club Member - Kevin Abdon

Since we launched The Terrace Club, we have not only received incredible support but we have also gotten to know our members and their stories. It is the stories, the personalities and the experiences of The Terrace Club community that makes this so special.

We have shared a few of these stories so far and we will continue to do so. The strength of any community is in its members, and this community is no different. Up next is Kevin Abdon. Kevin has been an amazing part of the TC community and signifies a big part of what...

Spring 2017 Henley

As a kid growing up, we weren't exposed to a wide variety of soccer jerseys. There was basically one style for which we wore every season. Colors were swapped out in exchange for a new look, but the actual jerseys never really altered much from year to year.

At some point in my childhood, access to European soccer became a thing. It was mostly games from England, and it was like seeing soccer in an entirely different way than I had ever seen it. The fields seemed greener. The fans were loud and chanted. The players had...