Spring '17 Portiere Dopp Kit

Ben Hooper

By: Ben Hooper

When I was a kid, I had a best friend named Zoltan. Zoltan (Zoli) was from Hungary and played goalie on my youth team. He was a big kid with incredible goalkeeping sensibilities. He was a great shot blocker, read the game well, commanded his box and was bigger than just about every kid we played against.

Due to his work, his dad would make the trip back to Europe on a pretty consistent basis. So he would bring back some soccer gear that we really didn't have a whole lot of access to here in the States. One of those items that he would bring back for Zoli, was goalie gloves. 

The gloves always came with a really cool bag. I hadn't really seen goalie gloves come in packaging like this and Zoli was about the only keeper in our youth leagues that would have a goalie glove bag. During games, he would have that bag on the side of the net and it always seemed like this extra piece in his goalkeeping arsenal. I was a fan.

Years later, I was afforded the chance to play professional soccer in Holland. I saw a lot and learned a lot during my time there. One of things that I became aware of was how every player in my club (and opposing players) would carry a dopp kit - or toiletry bag - basically everyday. 

Our kits and boots and all of that were taken care of by someone at the club. Whether that was on training days or game days. The only thing that we really needed to look after was our own personal items. So every player carried their own bag filled with whatever personal products they required. This bag was universal with just about every player. I had never been hip to this, but I quickly realized that I too needed my own dopp kit.

What do these two things have in common?

They both provided inspiration for the Portiere Dopp Kit that we did with Aviata Sports. The classic bag that goalkeeper gloves would come in mixed with the every day versatility of a dopp kit that every professional soccer player seems to use. We took bits of each and reinterpreted them as a bag that pays homage to our love for soccer but that is built to be used every single day. It's a way for us to take our love for the sport with us no matter where we go in this world. 


The pattern below providers instructions for the cut marks that need to be made for a specific part of the lining of the bag. The patterns vary based on which part of the lining they will be sewn into.

We selected vintage photos of goalkeepers to line the inside of the bag and to pay tribute to the inspiration of goalkeeper glove bags. The lining of the bags were printed in giant pieces of fabric that then would need to be cut and ultimately sewn into the lining of each bag.

Made by hand in Los Angeles, CA. 


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