Boots of the Week - adidas Predator Mania "Champagne"

Ben Hooper David Beckham

Over the course of the twenty years that the adidas Predator range existed, the Predator Mania, in the champagne colorway that David Beckham wore in the 2002 World Cup is an absolute standout. This was Becks' redemption after the catastrophe that he experienced in the 1998 World Cup. And he did it in a champagne colored pair of the beautiful Predator Manias. 

Fast forward 15 years and we see a super limited edition return of the champagne Predator Manias hit the market again. And this release is an incredible remake of the original. 

If footwear has taught us anything it is that limited releases of classic silhouettes that have unique stories associated with them always make a big impact. This particular pair of soccer boots might be the first real example of a brand bringing back a retro performance product that has a real story that ties into the product and the sport at large. And the market went nuts for it (eBay has bids for these between $600-$1000 as of now). We have seen this on countless occasions with Retro Jordan re-releases, but I don't think we have really seen something like this in the soccer world. Until now.

Mark our word, this is going to be something that we start seeing much more in the soccer world. 

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