Holiday 16 Pin

Ben Hooper

Back in the day when we were playing youth soccer, there was a commodity that we players had that was incredibly special to us. That commodity was trading pins. And trading club pins was the business.

Tournaments were the perfect opportunity to trade for some pins from clubs that were out of the area. Getting the right pins involved some haggling and bartering and there were some negotiation techniques that were learned on soccer fields in between games.

I remember playing against teams that had highly sought after pins. Cisco from Arizona was high on everybody’s list of what pins were most coveted. Like a sneakerhead searching out that elusive pair of Jordans, some of these clubs had pins that held our attention just as much as anything else on earth. One of Dunny’s club teams, the Upland Celtic actually had a pin that everyone tried to get their hands on. And if you were lucky enough to be in possession of some of these elusive pins, your power grew exponentially when you stepped up to negotiating table.  In the culture of youth American soccer players of the early 90’s, these pins were our currency amongst our peers.

We've taken this idea and have made it a part of The Terrace Club. Each box has a pin in it that speaks to the game. That speaks to a love affair with the sport that we have long had.

The Holiday '16 pin has a special place for us. It is a miniature version of the 1994 denim kit that the USMNT wore in the World Cup. This has always been a love it or hate jersey - and we have always loved it. It's American soccer in the 90's all rolled up into one design. And we think it looks especially amazing as a miniature lapel pin. 

But this pin is only available in the Holiday '16 box, and that box is only onside for a short while longer. If you have a love for American soccer, collectible pale pins and a soft sport for the 1994 denim kit, don't sleep on this box! In particular, this pin. 

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