How To Wear A Polo

Shane Evans


It’s that time of year when summer is slowly fading into the rearview mirror and you’re constantly battling with those age-old questions: “do I need a coat?” or “Is a t-shirt going to be enough?” and saying things like, “It was sunny out a minute ago!” Constant confusion compounds the already forlorn lover of the hot August sun.

Enter your Autumn ’16 Terrace Club Co. subscription box.

One of the items in this our second box is the European-style polo shirt. The most classic look you could want that’s effortlessly stylish…but how do you wear it?

Our friends at GQ who provide this excellent guide on rocking that bad boy, no matter the season.

Whether you’re looking for a certain fit or the pants (or hopefully shorts) to accompany it, this piece will provide you with some great options.

And don’t worry, you’ve always got the Hummel x TC Track Jacket (also in the latest box) to wear over it if things get a bit too chilly.

How to Wear a Polo Shirt, According to Hollywood’s Top Stylists - GQ

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