hummel x The Terrace Club Track Jacket

Ben Hooper

Track jackets have long been associated with soccer. Whether players use them in warm ups, walking out of the tunnel pre-match or as a fashion piece after games, they have long been a staple item for soccer players. And for equally as long (maybe longer), they have been staple items that soccer fans have worn. I've seen track jackets emblazoned with just about every soccer team from the youth ranks all the way through the professional level. 

With our Autumn 16 box inspired by the return of the European leagues, we thought including a track jacket in the collection made a ton of sense. And to make sure we got the jacket just right, we went to one of the best producers of track jackets of all time - Danis brand hummel.

hummel has been making classic track jackets for years. With the classic chevrons running the length of the sleeves and the bumblebee logo on the front, hummel makes an amazing track jacket and as a brand they ooze with history and tradition.

To finish this collaboration jacket, we printed a tonal Terrace Club logo in an oversized print on the back that matches the colors of the hummel bumblebee logo and the chevrons on the sleeves. GQ claimed that the track jacket is the most stylish jacket for Autumn 16, so all of you that got in on this box will be sporting a classic soccer inspired jacket as well as being fully on trend this fall.

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