Inspired Looks from The Autumn '16 Box

Ben Hooper

There are few more iconic clothing items in the soccer world than a track jacket. Perfectly at home on and off the pitch, the track jacket is a perfect item that shows your love of the sport as well as exudes a specific sense of style. 

With our Autumn '16 box being inspired by the return of European soccer leagues, it made perfect sense to include this timeless piece. To get this track jacket just right, we partnered with the Danish brand hummel who have been making perfect track jackets for years. hummel has a particular sense of style that celebrates the sport in terms of performance and lifestyle so getting the chance to work with them on this jacket was a treat for us.

Track jackets can be worn in a myriad of options. So much so that GQ Magazine called the track jacket the must have jacket for this season. Whether you dress it up or keep it casual, you can't go wrong. In this style option, we have kept it classic. Pairing the hummer x Terrace Club track jacket with a part of black denim and the always stylish and classic adidas Sambas. You can wear this outfit to the stadium, to a pub or just about anywhere else and stylishly show your love for soccer.

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