Jersey of the Week - 2017-18 Manchester United Away

Ben Hooper

The 1990s provided some of the most interesting jerseys. They were loud and bold and often times featured incredible patterns. In the years since, jerseys for the most part have become much more technical and advanced, but also much more tame and subdued.

adidas is doing something about that with the announcement of the 2017-18 Manchester United away kit. They have taken that iconic pattern that featured on the 1990-92 United kit and updated not only the look through new colors, but also through a much more modern kit. 

"The graphic design of the original kit has been reimagined on a black backdrop with white hues, with the classic adidas three stripes, club badge and adidas logo all in white. A crewneck collar gives the kit a modern makeover, making it a jersey that is as much at home on the streets as it is on the field.

The kit features all the innovations of adidas’ jersey technology used by the world’s leading clubs, including breathable fabrics and mesh engineering."

adidas and Manchester United got this spot on. 

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