Lapel Pin "Essentials" Series Part 3

Ben Hooper

Starting with the Autumn '16 box we have included a lapel pin that speaks directly to a certain element of the sport and how that item has inspired us.

The first pin that featured in the Autumn '16 box was the soleplate of one of our favorite soccer cleats of all time. When we were kids, aspired to wear this boot, which at the time represented the pinnacle of the sport. In our opinion, this is one of the greatest and most influential soccer cleats of all time.

Our Holiday '16 box featured a pin that was based on the infamous denim kit that the US Men's National Team wore in the 1994 World Cup. Some people loved this jersey. Other people hated it. But in the years since the '94 World Cup, the jersey has become infamous in its own right. It's also one of the most interesting pieces of product to ever be created for the USMNT (in our opinion).

Which brings us to Spring '17 and the lapel pin that will be included in this box. The simple explanation is that this pin is clearly a soccer ball which falls in line with the first two pins. A boot, a jersey and a ball kind of summarize the key elements of playing the sport. But the ball is also inspired by one of the greatest World Cup logos of all time (in our opinion).  A logo that was incredibly clever and sharp in its simplicity but that has stood the test of time and still looks as relevant as ever.

So basically, this first series of pins embodies a few things. 

1. They all are based off of key essentials for any soccer player.

2. In our opinion, they are inspired by one the best boots, the most American of all soccer jerseys and one of the best World Cup logos of all time. These are certainly up for debate, but this is just our opinion.

3. And lastly, they all have something else in common. They have the World Cup in common. The event that every soccer player dreams of playing in. The event that is synonymous with the sport in every single place on this planet. The pinnacle of the sport. All three of these share something from the World Cup.

The Spring '17 pin is the last in the "essentials" series of lapel pins. We have some incredible ones planned going forward, but this is the last one of this series. 

If you haven't already, make sure and sign up to be a Terrace Club member so you can get the Spring '17 box and ensure that you get this pin as well as some incredible products this Spring and going forward.

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