The Details

Ben Hooper

A big part of our goal with The Terrace Club is designing and manufacturing elevated products that celebrate soccer and that push the sport forward. A big part of doing that is not only the products we design and produce but the care that goes into everything that we do. When designing and manufacturing any product, it is easy to focus on the big things. In our case, that might be the cut of the garment and the fabric that we use for each item. The things that everyone sees and feels right away. 

But we also want to focus on the small things that some of you will never see. The care tags and their placement on the garment. We want to place them in a way that they aren't a distraction when wearing our shirts. We want our woven labels to be of high quality so that they compliment the rest of the product. Everything needs to be paid attention to and done right.

We just got our trim package in that will help finish the products in the Autumn 16 box. Each of these small detailed trim pieces will help to finish the products in a stylized and subdued manner. Elevating the product and celebrating the sport at the same time. 

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