Spring 2017 Henley

Ben Hooper

As a kid growing up, we weren't exposed to a wide variety of soccer jerseys. There was basically one style for which we wore every season. Colors were swapped out in exchange for a new look, but the actual jerseys never really altered much from year to year.

At some point in my childhood, access to European soccer became a thing. It was mostly games from England, and it was like seeing soccer in an entirely different way than I had ever seen it. The fields seemed greener. The fans were loud and chanted. The players had a different type of skill set than I had ever seen and the jerseys were a representation of the players and the game itself.

I remember a number of teams early on in the English Premier League were wearing jerseys with laces that could be tied at the collar. Most notably in mind will always be Eric Cantona lacing his jersey and popping his collar while playing for Manchester United.  So much style and a sense that he was on an entirely different level from everyone else. 

This was my first understanding that soccer jerseys didn't all look the same. That there was more to them than the basic jerseys I had known as a young kid. In the years since, there have been countless jerseys that I have noticed that have been styled after actual fashion pieces. 

Which brings us to the Henley shirt we are offering in the Spring '17 box. Henley shirts are a classic silhouette that have been used in a variety of ways. One of those ways, and the inspiration behind this shirt, is that of a soccer jersey. A Henley is basically a collarless shirt with a placket and buttons. Here are a few jerseys that fit this description that have dropped in just the last few years:

This is a small example of soccer jerseys that utilize the Henley silhouette. We were inspired by this when we were working on creating our Henley for the Spring '17 box. We opted for a long sleeve Henley and focused on sourcing the softest and most incredible fabric we could. We settled on a Modal fabric that is lightweight, incredible to the touch and creates a Henley that is perfect on it's own or as a layering piece. 

We get questions from people asking us about the items we create and what the relationship is with soccer. Some things that we design need very little context as they are obviously soccer inspired pieces. Others are subtle and contain a subtext that may not seem like they are inspired by the sport, but we promise you that everything that we include in the boxes will always have a deep connection to the sport. The Spring '17 Henley is a perfect example of that. 

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