Terrace Club Henley

Ben Hooper

We get questions about some of our products and what the relationship is to soccer. Some of the things we produce are easy to tie to the sport, while others are a bit more subtle. But everything that we do is inspired by the sport.

Take the Spring '17 Henley. It's a beautiful shirt manufactured with the nicest fabric you can imagine. This is a shirt you will want to wear everyday - and we hope that you do!

At it's core, this Henley is inspired by soccer jerseys. We posted recently about some of the more modern soccer jerseys that utilize the hallmarks of a Henley shirt. There are countless examples and some amazing jerseys. 

But our original inspiration for the Spring '17 Henley was vintage jerseys that shared characteristics of what makes a Henley a Henley. Look no further than this image. They may have opted for a collar with strings that tie up, and we went with a placket and buttons. But we were still inspired by this look, these old kits and we took our inspiration to turn these old jerseys into a modern fashion piece that you can wear anywhere.

So on the surface, this Henley might not seem like the most obvious soccer inspired piece. But it absolutely is. Everything that we do is inspired by soccer and our love for the sport. Sometimes the references might be a little subtle. But they are always rooted in the game. 

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