The Terrace Club Member Cards - Mailing Soon!

Stevland Turner

Here at The Terrace Club, we believe in community and that the soccer community is what makes the sport so special.

Communities are only as strong as its members, and The Terrace Club is no different.

Being a member with us, we hope to provide you with much more than the incredible products you receive on a quarterly basis in your subscription box.

This week, we will begin mailing out official membership cards, that will give access to exclusive events, match day experiences, limited products not available in the boxes and a variety of opportunities that will be specific to members of The Terrace Club.

We can’t thank you guys enough for being with us on this journey and we’re excited for everything we have in store!

This is just the beginning. Much more to come…..

Head over to The Terrace Club to sign up now! –>

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