Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Terrace Club

The Terrace Club is the world's only subscription box that is inspired by soccer. We send out quarterly boxes filled with soccer inspired products that are all inspired by a specific theme within the sport.

Each Terrace Club quarterly box will have a suggested retail value of around $130, and with a subscription, you get the box for $75 each quarter, shipping included!

With a yearlong commitment, you will receive your box at a 10% discount from the quarterly subscription price!

How Does The Terrace Club Work?

With the terrace club, you currently have two options for purchase:

1) Terrace Club Quarterly Subscription, a recurring charge quarter (every three months) that will keep you up to date without missing a box.

2) Terrace Club Yearly Pre-pay, a one-time charge of a year's subscription to The Terrace Club at a discounted rate. Your first box will the box available in the period that you sign up. 

You will receive four consecutive Terrace Club boxes with the yearly subscription.

*For signing up for the year, we want to thank you by giving a 10% discount!

Will I be able to see items before purchase?

We will preview certain items that will be in upcoming boxes but we won't reveal everything. 

What does membership to The Terrace Club "mean" ?

It means you are a member of the only soccer inspired subscription box service in the world. It also means that you will get unique offers, opportunities and experiences that are only available by being a member.

We work with an incredible network of brands and organizations that will offer up opportunities and experiences that can only be found by being a Terrace Club member.

As a member, you also receive a significant discount in the Member Store!

All of this in addition to receiving quarterly boxes with unique soccer inspired products. Many of which aren't available anywhere else.

Are all boxes the same?

Every box will be different as each one is inspired by events or concepts that are taking place within the sport.

We do our best to work with our partners so that each box received by customers have the same contents, but due to ordering and sizing limitation, at times the contents of boxes will be different. 

In these circumstances, all of the boxes will contain the "signature item(s)", but we reserve the right to exchange certain pieces with items of comparable value. 

The boxes will always maintain the same approximate retail value of $150

Are the boxes always clothing?

While we continue to produce outstanding clothing, the purpose of the box is more than just tees, sweatshirts and more gear. We also want to introduce awesome products and collectibles that you won't find anywhere else. We will always have a love for clothing and are committed to great gear, from time to time, we will include in your box none clothing related items. 

Will the actual boxes you receive in the mail be customized?

This answer is yes, and no. 

The boxes represented in the shop are not the exact boxes that you will receive in the mail.

For some cycles, we will release specialty boxes, and in other cycles, the boxes will be non descript. 

We definitely love designing the boxes and wish to give you something beautiful to receive in the mail, once the boxes leave HQ, they are out of our hands and we can't guarantee care for the boxes during shipment.

We'd hate to manufacture beautiful boxes and have them damages and arrive to you not looking as beautiful as we created. 

We will however have specially designed boxes for giveaways and special promotions periodically. 

Sizing Chart

Please see the sizing by enlarging the image below, or clicking on this link.

How does billing work?

Upon signing up for the Terrace Club, you will be charged for your first box (minus the amount from any discount code), and then you will be charged for the next quarterly box on the rolling three month anniversary of your sign-up date.

You will also receive an email alert 3-days before your next billing so that if you'd like to adjust your subscription, you can manage it via a link on that email.

The charge description for your latest box, will have the same name as your original charge. Don't be alarmed, you are signed up for the latest box and will receive that. We are currently working with our partner on a solution that will update the naming convention with each box.

The recurring charges are handled by a third-party, so if you have any issues feel free to contact us and we will do our best to expedite any potential issues.

How much does it cost to ship?

For most boxes, the shipping is on us!

Every Terrace Club box subscription in the continental United States includes free-shipping.

Outside of the United States, depending upon the location, there may be additional charges.

During shipping, select the "Free Shipping" button when available!

When will I get my box?

As a quarterly subscription service, the orders as processed are currently not shipped immediately.
We  adhere to the distribution calendar that is on the "Schedule" tab on the footer menu. 
The schedule details the subscription sign-up periods as well as the cut-off dates and fulfillment windows for each period.
You can also access the schedule via this link, SCHEDULE
Are individual items in the box available for purchase? 


Some items, but not all.

We do offer a "MEMBER STORE" for Terrace Club subscribers, giving you the ability to purchase some of your favorite items from past parcels at a very nice discount for being Terrace Club Members. 

Do you offer a refund on annual subscriptions?

The annual subscription cannot be refunded.  Additional information concerning refunds and exchanges can be found in "Returns"

How do I cancel?

When you signup for The Terrace Club, you will receive an email confirmation of your subscription. On this email, there will be an active link for you to "Manage Subscription" for which you have the ability to adjust your preferences. 

Also, you can contact us at the email below.

As always, we thank you for your support and we are hard at work to make The Terrace Club the best subscription box you've ever received.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us at and we will respond to you as soon as possible!


The Terrace Club