Suggestion Box

Since we debuted this site and this subscription service, we have gotten a great response. 

We've built out our boxes and schedule of distribution out for a year with products and themes that we are going to fill boxes for, but something interesting has happened. 

It is something that we anticipated it to a degree, but what we didn't anticipate is the number of people that we have gotten in touch with us giving suggestions of things to get in the box and/or inquiries about how their company or their friends company can get in the box, so we've decided to add a "suggestion box" to the site. 

Internally, we've covered A LOT of things that we are going to curate for this box, but much like everything else, the collective brain of the community always brings things to the table that Ben, or Brian, or myself may not have thought of. 

A few things have come across that are really cool and we are doing our due diligence to see if one or two of these are doable and can fit into a theme that we've created.

And you know what, we love this!

We love the platform we have, and we love using that platform to lift up the game, however it is. 

So, we are saying all of that to say this: if there is a suggestion that you have for something you may want in the box, or you know of a local guy that does "x" or makes some really cool things that might work with a soccer themed box, feel free to hit us up. We'd love to take a look at it and possibly have a conversation with someone about a way to get them more exposure - if not in the box, on TOW - because we're here to help. 

Here is our email, hit us up! 

Email us at with "SUGGESTION BOX" in the subject line.